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1984 is a follow-up body of work to 2022 "Dark Society" album. The songs are inspired by George Orwell's dystopian classic yet at the same time draw paralles of how Orwell's fiction is starting to manifest in our current reality. This CD also includes 4 bonus tracks: - 1984 Remixes by some TOP producers. 


Written, arranged, composed and prodcued by Vaughty

Additional production and mixing of tracks 2, 3 and 5 by Andy Marlow

Mastered by Kevin Paul 


This EP features the following tracks:


Thought Criminal                                  




The Diary Of A Girl 


Bonus Tracks/Remixes


1984 (Apsurde Remix)

1984 (EdRUSPA Remix)

1984 (Andy Marlow Remix)

1984 (Technomadic Remix)


CDs are factory sealed in shrinkwarp but the shrinkwrap will be removed if you request an autopgraphed copy.

Vaughty - 1984 : Deluxe Edition ( CD)

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