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MODE is photography book by Brian Griffin.  A complete collection of

all the photos and album covers which Brian photographed of Depeche 

Mode between 1981 and 1986. 

Featuring a Q&A style interview covering all periods and album covers. 

See stunning images never ever seen before, including scans from the original negatives and transparencies depicting the complete set of images from all the photo shoots and album covers


Also featured is an in-depth section on the production of the 1998 "Only 

When I Lose Myself" music video with detail never ever disclosed before. 

This premium book is produced from the finest materials available featuring a cloth bound cover.  Dimensions are 25cm x 25cm. With limited stock available, this book is a rare gem and a MUST-HAVE and the perfect gift for any Depeche Mode fan. 

***PLEASE NOTE: Maximum of 2 book per customer!!***
For larger quantities please contact Vaughn George

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